Friday, February 13, 2015

I have added to day the Ambassador's report 14. I did spread out the What's new part over the Club's News Page at the individual pages. I did notice a question on the Bulgarian Models as where Mattel made their answer (as usual?) very simple. I added the following information for you:

Question to Mattel: Are any of the tools given to Bulgaria still available? 

Mattel's answer: This is unknown since this was before the Mattel acquisition of Matchbox.Comments John Nijhuis
You have to split this questions in two parts:

Is the tooling still available?
Yes the tooling is still available in Bulgaria but not used for quite some time to produce new blanks.

Are the blanks models still available?
Yes and they are still being used to produce new models every now and then, however in less larger portions then in the past. They were used (on demand of Bulgarian trader's) to produce thousands of different models, in any color, with any advertising, all on customer demands. Singles, two packs (with a caravan), five model boxes and 10 models boxes and everything in between. Market value of most of the models is less then $ 4.00. One of the main traders had a small shop close to the Zoo in the capaital Sofia. And of what I understand still selling the models in the shop (including the Bulgarian King Size Models) . In the beginning models were hard to get because of the fact that Bulgarian models could officially only be sold within Bulgaria but once the Berlin Wall came down you could buy (or order) throughout Western Europe any Bulgarian Casting in any Color.
If you want to learn more on this subject look at our catalog at: and take option Bulgarian Models. 

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