Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday 17-7 updates.

Added to day the Ambassador Report number 24 of Larry .

Also added the pictures of Wave D (USA).

ROW Wave A at last arrived in Europe (July!!!!!!). It is wave B and  C of then USA and one car from wave A USA. Just wondering what happened with the first 3 cars from the USA wave A? They are not in the European Wave A!!!

The problem is now where to locate them as they are extremely hard to find.

Don't get mixed up with the numbering as it is a disaster. Wrong cars in the blister, numbers issued twice for different cars or one car gets two numbers. Ford F350 is now suddenly a Ford F150 on the blister!!!! Could somebody wake up in Mattel/Matchbox. It can't be so difficult to get the right numbers on the right blisters isn't it?